Mathushaa Sagthidas



I am ஈலம் தமிழ்

Mathushaa talks about (Flowers) - "The placement of flower within water is a significant way of life within Hinduism - it is an art form that inseparable from worship (it is often used apart of offering to and from various deities) and apart of ancient beliefs and traditions within Tamil culture."

Mathushaa talks about ழைத பவ (Childhood) - "Growing in a Tamil family, Hinduism and religious traditions were a really important and essential part of Tamil familial life. This is an image that is a glimpse into this as well sentimental moments of my childhood - when you're born, a sibling/ first cousin of your parents, gift you with what we consider a chain that holds the Tamil Om symbol as way to signify your birth."

Mathushaa talks about பரதப (Reflection) - "This has been perfect for reflection on previous projects that had been key in contributing towards my interest in my Tamil heritage - I explored this through crafting my own jewellery pieces."


Mathushaa Sagthidas is a Tamil British photographer who explore her creativity through various practices such as fine art, contemporary fashion and styling. Skills that she further developed studying fashion promotion at Ravensbourne University London and fine art photography at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL. Mathushaa’s work is often examines her identity - Tamil Eelam (refering to Eelam rather than Sri Lankan due to the eradication and genocide of Tamils during Sri Lankan civil war, which took place from 1983 to 2009 but was also the reason why her parents had to immigrate to London) ethnicity and British nationality, which is a pivotal part of her work. Mathushaa's work has been featured on Graduate Fashion Week, Fashion Scout, FAD Charity, Anisha Parmar London, MESA Magazine, Asian Woman Festival, Lone Design Club, South Asian Heritage Month, Ruthless Magazine, Glass Magazine, BrownGirlMagazine and many more